JOPRAD Regional Meeting Presentations

Session 1 - Introduction to Joint Programming 

1.2 Objectives of the meeting, J. Miksova (CVREZ)

1.3 European Commission perspective on Joint Programming - Why and What, C. Davies (EC)

1.4 Overview of activities in radioactive waste management and the role of Joint Programming, L. Nachmilner (CVREZ)

1.5 JOPRAD – objectives, structure, outcomes, J. Delay (Andra)

1.6  JOPRAD - Establishing and updating the Joint Programme Implementing the work plan, J. Delay (Andra)

1.7 JOPRAD - establishing the programme; views of the waste management organisations, R. Kowe 'RWM)

1.8 JOPRAD - establishing the programme; views of the technical support organisations, F. Lemy (Bel V)

1.9 JOPRAD - establishing the programme; views of the research entities, C. Bruggeman (SCK•CEN)

1.10 JOPRAD - establishing the programme; strategic and horizontal aspects, A. van Kalleveen (JRC - ITU)

Session 2: Engaging Member States

2.1 Preparing for Joint Programming - the French approach in identifying mandated actors, C. Poussard (DGEC, France)

2.2 Preparing for Joint Programming - the Romanian approach in planning & developing Geological Disposal, I. Turcu (RATEN-ICN)

Session 3: Way ahead

3.1 European Joint Programme and ERA-NET Co-fund Actions under Horizon 2020, A. Iatrou (EC)

3.2  H2020 ERANET cofund- vs EJP Preliminary analysis, J. Delay (Andra) 

3.3 Outcomes of Working Group 2 - Exploring strategic and horizontal activities in the Joint Programming, A. van Kalleveen (JRC - ITU)

3.4 Outcomes of Working Group 1-Exploring the domain of scientific-technical activities covered by the Joint Programming, L. Nachmilner (CVREZ)

Session 4: Conclusion 

4.1 Session 4: Questions for panelists 

       >      Italian participation in JOPRAD

4.2 Summary & Conclusions, L. Nachmilner (CVREZ)