Objectives and goals of workshop as part of consultation on Programme Document (Jon Martin, RWM, UK)

EC views on Joint Programming (Christophe Davies, DG-RTD, FR)

Introduction to and current status of JOPRAD (Jacques Delay, Andra, FR)

Development of the Programme Document including analysis of questionnaire (Ray Kowe, RWM, UK) 


An overview of the prioritisation methodology and SRA in the JOPRAD Programme Document (Ellie Scourse, MCM, UK)

iKMS Overview (Gunnar Buckau, JRC, EC)

Way Forward for Joint Programming (Marie Garcia, Andra, FR)

Parallel sessions, Rapporteurs:

A. Governance/finance - Introduction and wrap-up

B. IKMS activities - Introduction and wrap-up

C. R&D activities - Introduction and wrap-up

Benefits of Joint Programming for France (Mayeul Phélip, DGEC, FR)

Benefits of Joint Programming for Greece  (Christos Housiadas, EEAE, GR)

Linked documentation:

Participant Declaration to Grant Agreement for European Joint Programme Cofund