JOPRAD Programme Document Workshop

04 April 2017  |  JOPRAD news

JOPRAD organised on 4 April 2017 a Workshop to present its Programme Document.

A Workshop on the JOPRAD Programme Document took place on 4th April 2017 in London, UK gathering about 100 participants from 22 countries (EU Member-States and associated countries) and mainly from :

  • Waste Management Organisations;
  • Technical Support Organisations and Research  Entities;
  • Civil Society stakeholders;
  • Ministries, national/regional authorities (programme owners);
  • European Commission.


List of Presentations 

The Programme Document Workshop aimed to present the draft Programme Document from the JOPRAD Project, which forms the proposed scientific and technical basis of a potential future European Joint Programme.  More specifically, this workshop was the occasion to present:

  • The background for setting-up a Joint Programme;
  • The research domains defined as suitable for a JP by all the R&D actors (Waste Management Organisations, Technical Support Organisations and Research Entities) and how these domains were selected and then prioritised while maintaining the independency of the actors;
  • How the Civil Society has been engaged in the process and how the interaction with stakeholders can be envisaged within a JP;
  • Examples of potential projects (RD&D projects and Knowledge Management activities) that could be carried out within the first phase of a Joint Programme; and
  • A possible governance and implementation mechanism.

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