WP6 - Dissemination

Its objectives are to widely disseminate the aims of the project, the status of preparatory discussions and the outcomes of the three main workshops planned in the course of the project. This dissemination activity will rely on the participants and in particular, IGD-TPs members, SITEX members and JRC-ITU.

The following tasks will be carried out to:

  • Develop a communication and dissemination strategy which will maximise the potential reach and impact of the JP,
  • Develop communication tools for external (and internal) objectives to implement the strategy developed in task 1 and to encourage participation, i.e. creation and maintenance of an internet website and an extranet for participants, third parties and stakeholders (password-protected site for internal communication and information sharing),
  • Produce communication tools (flyer, brochures, etc.). Production of a newsletter every 9 months,
  • Participate in workshops in the EU whenever decision-makers for policy (e.g. on the Waste Directive and R&D programmes - such as at ministerial level, funding agencies) are present, i.e. not in scientific conferences.