WP5 - Preparation for implementation

After defining the scientific and technical objectives of the programmes, the next step towards the implementation is a proposal for the legal framework for the Joint Programming and the definition of the governance rules to be implemented.

The product of the study will be a “Summary report”, which is a proposal defining the rules and mechanisms to coordinate the activities of national programmes of pan-European interest in order to start implementing Joint Programming. The rules include decision-making and management procedures; the means and procedures to select and implement research activities, especially when the consortium partners themselves are not carrying out these activities.

Thus the preparation for implementation will consist of three parallel activities:

  • Evaluation of the potential commitment of the Joint Programming participants and their actual resources in terms of technical infrastructures, in-kind and financial,
  • A  governance study aimed at defining the committees (scientific committee, Executive Board) to implement their respective missions and responsibilities, and the rules of procedures that may ensure a balanced selection of subjects to be submitted in the calls, projects and repartition of funding taking into account the respective efforts of each participant of the Joint Programming. This governance study will address the funding schemes of the programmes and the management of a Joint Programming. This also includes a proposal for stakeholder involvement at various stages of the process,
  • A legal study, aimed at identifying the suitable legal forms for the Joint Programming considering the large variability of the legal status of the potential participants.

The main outcome of this study will be a “Summary report” for an overall framework of a Joint Programming with the definition of roles, responsibilities and liabilities of all the potential participants. This proposal may demonstrate the sustainability of the approach and the conditions of success.