WP4 - Production of the “Programme Document”

If the review at the end of Work Package 3 identifies that there are sufficient areas of common interest identified and sufficient participants, then the aim of this work package is to produce the programme document that will be the scientific and technical basis of the future Joint Programme. The research areas covered by this “Programme Document” may not be only seen as a “minimum common playground of research” but also as an original approach to opening new research areas and addressing scientific issues. A particular emphasis will be put on the fulfilment of the objectives on the implementation of geological disposal and on the scientific questions arising from remaining uncertainties and safety concerns. It will also take into account objectives not considered as first priority at this stage of implementation but will be of importance from a long- term perspective beyond 2025.

An outcome of work package 4 will be to identify scientific and cross-cutting activities of potential interest for the beneficiaries. On this basis, various programmes will be developed and scheduled. It is anticipated that such programmes will relate to the acquisition of basic science knowledge that is of interest to all the beneficiaries. Such basic science may be afterwards used independently by WMOs and TSOs, with respective emphasis on safety demonstration or regulatory review. More design and concept oriented programmes deserve specific attention in order to identify areas where technology development/ implementation and key safety concerns are closely linked and justify cooperation between WMOs, TSOs and Research Entities.

Furthermore, this document may help to develop research areas that may complement the WMOs and TSOs specific needs in addressing long term objectives of basic science that help to provide fundamental process understanding and their potential coupling, and prepare future evolution in the design and the safety assessment of geological disposal.