WP1 - Management and coordination

The following tasks shall be performed: 

  • Coordination and management of the consortium. It ensures the project progresses according to the work plan and achieves its objectives, milestones, and deliverables with appropriate resources,
  • Management of the administrative, financial, legal and contractual obligations towards the European Commission; ensure that outcomes (programmes, deliverables, workshops, etc.) of the project are disseminated (see WP6), 
  • Organisation of the coordination meetings and production of minutes,
  • Organisation of two workshops:

    - Mid-term workshop to finalize the outcomes of the WP2 and WP3 and decide whether the success criteria for continuing the project have been met. After the workshop a decision will be taken to either close the project, or proceed to develop plans for implementation which means entering in the active phase of writing the “Programme Document”. This workshop represents a hold point.

    Final workshop to present the outcomes of the project, to present the Programme Document” and to exchange on the implementation of a Joint Programming.